"In the Bywater"
Terence Higgins & Swampgrease

1. Intro: Terrestrial Landing
2. Gotta Get Swamp Jiggy
3. In the Bywater
4. Intro: Lift Off
5. Barber Shop
6. 100 mg
7. Cartharsis
8. Algiers
9. Past Neptune
Terence Higgins & SwampGrease: In The Bywater
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Terence Higgins and Swampgrease never seen before behind the scenes rehearsal.
Terence Higgins' Djem-Bass Video
Terence gives a demonstration of the Pearl's NEW Djem-Bass Attachment. This will convert your 14" djembe to a bass drum so you can get those 808-style lows with an acoustic drum.
Terence Higgins Demon Drive Heavenly Smooth Video
Terence Higgins gives a Heavenly Smooth demonstration of the NEW Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal....The Fastest, Smoothest, most versatile pedal in the world.
Terence Higgins Gospel Pocket Pack Video
Terence Higgins gives a demonstration of the Gospel Pocket Pack. The pack consists of the Marc Quinones Signature Q-Popper timbale-snare, Elite cowbell, and low clave block.
Terence Higgins bring us two powerful exercises: "Diddle Egg Five For The Kit" and "Triplet 4-2-1 Grid Exercise". You can download the video's drum sheets from Drum Magazine
Terence Higgins burns on this solo
with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band
New Orleans Drummer Terence Higgins plays a mean tambo with the John Scofield's Piety Street Band
Terence Higgins jamming with George Porter jr and Marc Mullins
Hybrid rudiments
Terence Higgins - New Orleans drummer and drummer for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, demonstrates 2 hybrid drum rudiments, book report and cheese.
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